10 Quick Tips to Save Money on Grocery Shopping


It’s -32C out there and going to drop further at night! No better excuse for bloggers to start blogging in their comfy cozy study room. Here we go again. Who doesn’t want to save on grocery shopping? Correctly, all of us want to save one way or another. Be very specific when it comes to shopping and stick to your budget. Don’t go for the shopping just for the sake of it. Simply, if you don’t need something then don’t buy it. Otherwise, your grocery trips can be very expensive and out of budget before it comes to your notice. Here are 10 quick tips which can turn your red ink grocery budget into green laughing figures without losing much on your lifestyle.

1. Go for Generic Brand Products

I understand not all generic brands are premium in nature or cool as we all say so. However, there are tons of generic brands available in the market where you can save up to 50% without comprising anything on quality and safety. Generic over – the-counter medications and multivitamins are very personal favorites. Other items where you can go generic easily are household cleaning products, pantry essentials (spices, salt, sugar…), and fresh produce. Make sure you read the label and its ingredients to compare the generic item with the well-known product. In the end, salt is salt and you can’t go far wrong with it. Surprise! In many cases, generic brands come from the same well- known suppliers or even manufactured on the same production lines.

2. Take Advantage of Reward Points and Cash Back Offers

Collect and use reward points to save big on grocery over 12 month’s period. In many cases, you can even save more if you combine these loyalty rewards with credit card points. Some well-known retailers are even offering up to 3% cash back offers annually on their loyalty credit cards. Only watch out, make sure to pay off your credit card balance within the provided grace period to avoid paying hefty interest on credit card balance.

3. Buy in Bulk

melon in bulk

In many cases, you can save more if you buy bulk or club pack items. My personal favorites are fresh produce and meat departments. Simply, buy in bulk and preserve them for future. You can even preserve them for off season when supply is limited and prices go out of reach crazily. Freezing, drying, and canning is most popular techniques to preserve your food for a longer time. Here is a good article on this topic posted on “Mother Life living”. Please check it out yourself http://www.motherearthliving.com/cooking-methods/food-preservation-methods-zmoz12sozmel.aspx. Another thing, you can buy groceries with family or close friends to save big on bulk deals. Watch out! Don’t go overboard with highly perishable items especially, those you have no idea how to preserve them to avoid wastage.

4. Avoid off-season Fresh Items

Go with the flow at least here and stick to in-season fresh items. First two items come to my mind are berries and leafy veggies (Spinach, Rapini…).They can cost you a fortune if you are too tempted to try them in the off-season.

5. Have your own Home based Garden

Delicious Food

You can save significantly if you know how to raise your own garden in your backyard. It’s even more awesome if it is your hobby. In case you don’t know much about gardening there are enough resources available out there to help you learn basic gardening techniques if not more. Check this cool article on “Money Crashers” http://www.moneycrashers.com/how-to-save-money-with-a-home-garden. You can save quite a bit by having few plants of peppers, tomatoes, herbs … in your lovely home garden. Additionally, save even more if you preserve excessive fresh items for off-season rather throwing them away.

6. Simply use in store Coupons and Deals


Take advantage of in-store deals to cut down on your grocery bill. In most cases, these coupons are posted on store entrance wall. Ask for customer service if it’s not there. Otherwise, check it out online or on Flyer/E-Flyers before planning a grocery shopping trip. Again, don’t get caught in the retail trap. Shop only if you absolutely need something, not for the sake of coupons. You might be interested in how to save on other household expenses

7. Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Nowadays, we need batteries for expensive kid’s toys to the simple wall clock. We can’t just function without them. Most of us spend 5 to 10 bucks every time we buy a couple of AA or AAA traditional batteries. Simply, switching to rechargeable batteries can save you a lot. They are environment-friendly and easily last for 2 to 4 years.

8.  Avoid Ready-Made Food


Try to avoid pre-prepped in store food. Instead, buy raw ingredients to cook it yourself. It is one of the best ways to enjoy healthy homemade and cost effective meals. Here is a wonderful resource for home-made recipes http://allrecipes.com.

9.  Limit Shopping near Cash Register Area

Understandably, these items are difficult to avoid and moreover add urgency to the shopping scheme of things. If you can’t avoid that area completely then try to ignore items those have no to very little use for your family. These items are there to increase retailer’s sales figures when customers are waiting in line to pay for their groceries. Remember, even extra $2 adds up over time.

10. Don’t Buy Snacks on the Go


Importantly, don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry or stressed out. Usually, these easy pickup snack is expensive and less healthy for you.

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