Buying your first home – Home Buyers Plan?

Without a doubt, it makes a complete sense to start saving money early for your first home when you are just out of university. Even $50 to $100 monthly saving can work amazingly well over time towards your personal goal of 5% to 10% down-payment for your dream home. This saving can even work better … Read more

10 Tips to Maximize Your Tax Refund

  1. RRSP contribution Have a look at your RRSP deduction limit for your previous year’s notice of assessment/reassessment. This is the maximum amount you are allowed to contribute without paying further taxes. February 29, 2016, is the deadline to contribute to your RRSP for this tax season. You will immediately able to reduce your … Read more

Tax Season is here again!

2016 Tax-Filing Season – Canada Ladies and gentleman, 2016 Tax season is fast approaching! In case, you are still busy enjoying your leftovers Christmas turkey:)  Pull up your socks and start preparing yourself for 2015 tax return. Don’t worry you are not too behind. You still have time to start gathering your 2015 information slips, … Read more