How to Stream Movies and TV Series for Free?

We all have to pay quite a bit on our cable bill and moreover if we choose to go for a premium package or on demand programming then that bill just gets out of our budget in no time. However, if we look around there are numerous options available out there to control expenses on our monthly TV subscription. Obviously, Netflix is one of the popular choices. However, KODI based android media players are my personal favorites to stream online or offline content. You can stream Hollywood movies, TV series, International programming, and even limited sports events on these devices. These TV boxes are easily available and can cost from $80+ tax on the low-end device to somewhere $250  on the high-end models. Personally, I like MXQ , M8S , and MINIX  devices. Let’s look at their pros and cons before you get too excited.



* Cheap & no monthly subscription required

* Full HD up to 4k media player, stream and play Movies, TV Shows & Sports etc.

* Plug and play

* Supports Airplay DLNA, Wi-Fi , and built-in Bluetooth

* Ability to run online and offline content

* Ability to install popular apps like Google Paly Store, Facebook, Netflix, games etc.

* Fully loaded with KODI and auto updates enabled

* Lots of “Add- ons” almost for everything




* It’s not your traditional cable TV

* Broken streaming links

* Standard remote is a bit hit and miss

* Occasionally, freezes/crashes like a computer

* High-speed internet connection

You need to look at more than few things before you decide to buy a media player for your family. These are the few features you must have on your streaming device to avoid bad experience:

* Minimum android 4.4 (Kit Kat) system

* Minimum 2GB Ram to avoid buffering on WIFI connection

* Minimum 8GB hard drive to save your favorite files and Add-ons

* Quad-core processor for better performance

* Minimum two USB ports, and one HDMI port

* Limited warranty

* Fully loaded and up to date KODI add-ons

* Auto updates enabled

You can use WIFI or Ethernet connection to stream your favorite programming. Wifi is fine, however, Ethernet connection works better for me whenever I stream HD or better quality programming. Also, if you are going to use your remote more for typing and gaming then I would suggest going with an air mouse/keyboard remote for a better experience. These wireless remotes are easily available from $20 to $40 + tax. Read actual users reviews before you buy one on sale.


Give it a try and let me know if KODI media player is a good choice for you and your family.


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